Independence for all. Wealth for all.

Launched on March 2, 2024 at ETH Denver. The Web3 community supporting Vaccine Safety & organizations helping third party Independent Candidates.

The Independence Token

$RFKJ Is a Multi-Chain Global Movement. We're putting INDEPENDENCE on the Blockchain
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Join the Financial Independence Revolution


Supply: 47 Billion
(2%) tax on all buys and sells
(1%) goes to Children's Health Defense
(1%) goes to Marketing and liquidity burns

Donations and Burned Amounts

Charity Donations
Total RFKJ burned

Charity Partner:

Health Defense

RFKJ supports CHD in their ongoing battles to be a Watchdog for Vaccine Safety and Childrens Health

Children's Health Defense is dedicated to ending childhood health epidemics by eliminating harmful exposures, ensuring accountability, and advocating for health freedom and bodily autonomy against corruption and mass surveillance.

Weekly spaces

Every Wednesday at 8PM ET

Holden Culotta

Cohost: @Holden_Culotta
Space exploration advocate, X Spaces host.

Lauren Lee

Cohost: @sheslaurenlee
7-fig e-commerce entrepreneur turned humanist..

RFKJ is a community run project governed by the RFKJ DAO.

Buy $RFKJ and Vote on how we use 25% of our token supply.

How to buy $RFKJ Token

1. Download and Install Metamask

MetaMask is a crypto wallet app used for storing and managing Ethereum tokens. After creating a wallet be sure to write down your recovery phrase on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe.

2. Purchase some Ethereum

From inside the MetaMask app you can purchase Ethereum using PayPal by clicking on the buy button

3. Swap Your ETH for $RFKJ

Connect your wallet to Uniswap, input our contract address [placeholder], set your slippage to 1.5%, and click the swap button!
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